Monday, 12 January 2015

H&M - new arrivals 2015

This post is going to be my first one about fashion. I love fashion and I thought: "why not share my taste in clothes here with you on my blog?"

So here are the pieces of the new arrivals at H&M that I really want to have :-) provided that my bank account lets me have them.

Enjoy your week and your fashion :-) Kat xxx

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy new year - 2015

I wish you all a happy new year - and that all your resolutions turn out the way you intend to.

Well, this year I have a long list of resolutions and on top of it is (as on most women's, I guess) to get fit and toned and lose weight as a sideline.
But I did not wait until New Year's. I already signed up at a gym at the end of November and I have tried to change my eating habits.
It has been good so far except for the Christmas days and the New Year's Eve party with all that delicious food.

Another resolution that I need to stick with is to tidy up and organize everything around me better. I am a person who puts off things until they need to be done and then I am in such a hurry that I do them only half-hearted and not as well as they could be.

And one of the most important resolutions that I need to stick with is to stop spending so much money on useless rubbish and start saving money.

Here's to you and a super fantastic 2015!!

Kat :-) xxx

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas 2014

First of all, I hope you had just as great a Christmas as I had this year.

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's new flat and had this lovely three-course dinner that you can see below in the picture.
In Germany, it is tradition to get your presents on Christmas Eve. Well, and on Christmas Day when the rest of the family and friends show up :-)

This year, my dear workmate told me about a tradition that has been in her family for ages.
On Christmas Eve, when they start to exchange the presents, they have found this great way of passing them to each other.
In my family, we used to give each other our presents and after about ten minutes everything was unwrapped, the living room covered in wrapping paper and that was it.
But, my workmate's family does the following:

You take a pair of dice, everyone picks a number between 2 and 12 (you can't roll a 1 ;-) ) and then the first one rolls the dices. If you roll your number, you get to choose the person who has to give you his or her present for you. If you haven't rolled your number, it's the next one's turn to roll the dice. And it simply goes on like this, round after round, until every present under the tree is given to its new owner.
That way, it is so much more fun for everyone and you get to watch everyone how they open their presents. Because you take a break while someone is opening his/her present.

As I said, it normally took us about 10 minutes and the whole present exchanging thing was over. This time, it took us over an hour. At first, my family was a bit sceptical when I told them about the "dice game" and the first 5 minutes of rolling the dices were a bit schlepping but in the end, everyone loved it and we want to make it our family tradition now, too.

Maybe it could be something for your next Christmas Day to spice it up and keep the family busy.

Kat xxx

Friday, 26 December 2014

my sister's new flat - impressions

 Two months ago, my sister finally moved out of her crappy old place and found this lovely, spacious flat. She is a decoration freak, just a bit like me, and therefore I wanted to show you just a few small impressions.
As you certainly can see, she fancies something between shabby chic and modern country style. The colours should be kept simple - white, creme, beige, different brown tones, pale green and blue shades. My sister doesn't really like much bling bling and shrill colours.

 In my opinion, she did a great job. Everything goes together so well and you simply just feel so welcome and home when you come around to see her.
I hope you'll find some inspiration here for your next decoration project.

Yours, Kat :-)